Beatles 1000 Piece Let It Be Puzzle

As far back as I can remember, I’ve loved building puzzles, and thanks to my dad, I’ve loved the Beatles too. Entertainment Earth recently began selling a double-sided puzzle of the album cover “Let It Be” and I had to check.

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Earlier this month, our friends at Entertainment Earth generously invited us to browse their selection of in-stock merchandise and choose items to showcase and review. As big Disney fans that we are, we jumped at the chance and walked away with an impressive assortment of collectibles that we think you’ll like too. We’ll take a look!

For this Spotlight Entertainment Earth, we check The Beatles “Let It Be” 1000 piece, double-sided jigsaw puzzle from Factory Entertainment. Laughing Place generally tries to keep our attention on Disney-related brands, merchandise, and collaborations, so opting for a Beatles puzzle is a bit of a stretch. However, I justified it because the “Let It Be” album was the real world end result of the The Beatles: Come Back documentary series that debuted on Disney+.

Beatles Let It Be Puzzle

I’ve built dozens of puzzles, some multiple times, but never assembled anything from Factory Entertainment. I was happy to find that the thickness and quality of the pieces were comparable to popular brands such as Ravensburger, Buffalo, and Aquarius. One side features the band’s 1970 album cover (their last studio project) with portraits of John, Paul, Ringo and George; and the other shows more images and the track listing for sides A and B. The puzzle is square in shape, measuring 25 inches x 25 inches and recommended for fans ages 14 and up.

While I’m still in the middle of the sorting process and won’t be finishing this beauty for a few days (too blissful?), I noticed right away that the front and back of each piece are very distinct. There is a rounded shape on the “front” and the “back” is very flat. I’m not saying it will make assembly easier, but each piece will provide a little clue which side is which. Given the double-sided look, this puzzle offers great rebuilding opportunities for fans who want to challenge themselves to complete both sides, not flip it over like I’m going to do for pictures! Check back soon for an update on the completed puzzle.

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the top pieces are the "Back" and the bottom row are "Front face"

It’s hard to tell from the picture, but the top pieces are the “Back Side” and the bottom row are “Front Side”

The Beatles Let It Be 1000 Piece Puzzle is currently in stock on Entertainment Earth and sells for $24.99. If you shop with our code LPFAN (see below) you can save 10% on in-stock items.

The Beatles Let It Be Double Sided Album Art 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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