Baby tragically dies after doctors ignore parents’ request for unvaccinated blood and develops blood clot hours after transfusion

Alexander was born on January 3, 2022 in Walla Walla, Washington. Baby Alex had a heart defect that required surgery: the double outlet right ventricle (DORV), in which oxygenated and deoxygenated blood mix. He also had a throat defect that required another operation. Despite this, Alex’s parents, Ron Bly and Cornelia Hertzler, remained hopeful.

Ron’s friend, who had become a mother figure to him, suffered a heart attack within three days of receiving her Moderna shot. The tragic loss made Ron wary of the vaccine – and rightly so. While her late friend was in her 60s, she was incredibly healthy, growing her own food, and had no underlying medical conditions. So Ron and his wife wanted to make sure their newborn was protected by receiving transfusions from unvaccinated people.

Alex was airlifted to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center in Spokane, Washington, where the infant had to be airlifted to undergo neonatal heart surgery. The young couple had expressed their concerns to medical professionals before their son’s surgery. “We made it clear to the hospital that we did not want blood transfusions from the blood bank because we were concerned that blood from vaccinated donors could cause blood clots,” Cornelia said. “We asked what we should do to get blood from direct donors of friends we could trust. They told us [that] what we wanted was next to impossible and would be very expensive.

Although doctors continued to enlighten the married couple about direct blood donations, they persisted, insisting that only unvaccinated blood be used that baby Alex would need throughout his operations. But their efforts were met with scorn by their point of contact, Dr Eleane Beadle, who allegedly mocked Cornelia and threatened to call Child Protective Services (CPS) for ‘child endangerment’.

Amazingly, the hospital finally accepted Ron and Cornelia’s requests the day before Alex’s fistula surgery – all they had to do was fill out paperwork to receive and use blood from specific donors. It was painless and easy; a complete contrast to how doctors have described the process. “It turns out the whole process was relatively easy and inexpensive,” Cornelia had told Louisa Clary of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. “We have no idea why the doctors lied to us for over a week, telling us we couldn’t afford to get directed donor blood.” However, the hospital did not provide the papers in time.

To his parents’ relief, Alex’s first operation on January 24th went well. The next surgery he needed was for his heart, which was scheduled for the following month. Ron and Cornelia finally received the necessary paperwork to receive direct blood in early February, but the family was pressed for time – as not only did they have to contact the correct blood banks, but they also had to coordinate donations, as reported Brian. Wilkins, the editor of The covid blog.

Ron and Cornelia were told their baby wouldn’t need a blood transfusion unless “something really went wrong, which was not planned”. Alex’s second operation did not require blood, but Dr. Beadle determined he needed a transfusion anyway, citing low hemoglobin levels. Although the couple were able to obtain unvaccinated blood for their baby, hospital staff were unable to “locate” their donation. Dr. Beadle went against the couple’s wishes. Without Ron and Cornelia’s consent, the hospital performed a transfusion on Alex using blood from a general blood bank.

Importantly, 70% of Washington’s population had received the Covid-19 vaccine by this point, meaning Alex had a 70% chance of receiving vaccinated blood. So, although there was no evidence that the transfusion the infant received was vaccinated blood, what happened the next day seemed to prove that it most likely was. A few hours after Alex’s transfusion, the doctor found a blood clot. This surprised Cornelia, who had been told by doctors that “blood clots” were “rare”. Now they were telling her it was something “blood thinner can fix.”

“It didn’t do anything,” Cornelia added. “[The blood clot] kept growing very fast. The mother believed that if the blood clot had been ‘normal’ – a clot that had not been caused by vaccinated blood – then the diluents might have helped dissolve it. She added that “given our understanding” of the current findings of abnormal blood clots in deceased and vaccinated people, they “know that this is not a normal blood clot”.

Alex’s blood clot continued to grow and eventually spread from his left knee to his heart. He contracted an MRSA infection which “colonized the blood clot” that no amount of medicine could reduce or eliminate. Baby Alex was taken off life support approximately two weeks after his operation on February 17, 2022 and was buried in Walla Walla, Washington.

Ron later explained that his wife contacted Sacred Heart Children’s, but the hospital said they could find no trace of their son. “I received an email from the records department saying no trace of him could be found. We strongly suspect that our records have been deleted,” Ron wrote on his fundraising page.

LifeSiteNews contacted the hospital for further confirmation, to which a hospital staff member told them, “I have no information on this, and this conversation is over.”

Final Thoughts

If you would like to help Ron Bly and Cornelia Hertzler in their efforts to take this issue to court and find a legal team, please visit their GiveSendGo page here.

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