Are the fringes back? Here’s how to know if they would fit you

People often get bangs as an impulsive decision, thinking that it would be better to cut off a small part of the hair than to change their whole hairstyle. But what some don’t realize until it’s too late is that bangs are a commitment.

Bangs are great for some people, but for some face shapes they aren’t always flattering. And then when you’ve cut the bangs and you hate them, it can take months or years to grow out the way you want. Nevertheless, we will all probably try once in our life, so let’s be ready before we do.

You may have noticed that bangs are coming back into the spotlight. Thought Emily in Paris or Wednesday, or watch TikTok for curtain-raising inspiration. There are different styles of bangs that can help those who feel like cutting them. Some styles are going to be more of a commitment than others, so if you’re unsure, try low-maintenance bangs first. Something wispy or longer style curtain bangs. As a hairstylist, I often talk about this topic with my clients, so read on if you want advice before making a decision.

face shape

There are seven different face shapes, including oval, square, round, heart, diamond, oblong, and pear. The oval face shape is the most versatile when it comes to flattering haircuts because it looks decent with most haircuts. The purpose of a haircut for any face shape is to make the face proportional. For example, if you have sharp facial features, you want a soft layering and something that will soften your overall look. For those with a very round face, you want longer hair to elongate the face. Think about the haircut that will give you a more oval shape.

This also goes for the fringe. If the bangs make your face look out of proportion, it won’t be flattering. This does not mean that bangs are forbidden, it just means that you need to consider the type of bangs that suits your face. Some of the different styles of bangs are blunt, straight, curtain bangs, side bangs, A-shaped bangs, micro bangs, etc. Here are some tips based on your face shape.

Oval face shape

Like I said before, the oval face tends to be the most proportionate and flattering, so you have more options with this face shape, you’re in luck! Have fun trying out just about any style of bangs. Maybe do some blunt, straight bangs, something bangs, baby bangs, or whatever makes you feel cute.

Wide cheekbones or very long face shapes

With the distinct features of a square, heart or diamond shaped face, it is a good idea to do what softens the face. With face shapes that are wider at the cheeks, you want a style that tapers around the face. A-shaped bangs or something soft, fringed or tapered would work. This also goes for oblong face shapes, as they will balance out your features. Blunt bangs will simply add to the sharp facial features or make the face look even wider. Find what makes things soft and proportional.

Round face shape

Women with a fuller, rounder face, avoid straight, heavy bangs. It will make your face look wider. Opt for side-swept bangs or longer curtain bangs. Bangs that will add length to your face is the goal of these face shapes.

How to style your bangs

Another element of having bangs is accepting that there will be some level of styling involved in your daily routine. I recommend having a hair dryer and a round brush, flat iron or curling iron handy. Different types of bangs require different ways to style your hair, so check out some of these tutorials to give you an idea of ​​what to do.

For bangs that go straight across the forehead, you can use a hair straightener or hair dryer. Consider using a texturizing spray to give hair texture before styling. For the flat iron, you can take a comb and use it to guide the flat iron forward and then roll it up towards the face. When the hair cools down a bit, you may want to “dirty” it up a bit and then spray. If you’re using a round brush and blow dryer (or hair dryer brush), use the brush to bring the hair forward and curl it underneath.

For girls with wispy or curtain bangs, you can pull back or forward using styling tools. Check out these tutorials for a visual explanation.

These really defined curly bangs require a curl defining product. Here is an example.

Final Thoughts

Bangs are obviously all the rage right now, but choose them wisely. Consider your face shape and cut the bangs accordingly. You don’t want any regrets because the bangs grow out time can take a while. But with the right choice and a few styling tools, you’ll have the bangs you’ve been dreaming of.

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