Anushka Sharma slamming the brand for using her photos was a promotional gimmick. Watch | Bollywood

On Monday, Anushka Sharma slammed sportswear brand Puma for using her images “without permission”. After the brand’s response, the actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a video of herself talking about the brand’s “proposal” after telling them to take down her photos because she wasn’t there. their brand ambassador. Social media users were quick to point out that it was all just a promotional gimmick used by the brand to create online buzz; while some called it “lame,” others said the strategy was “on point.” Read also : Anushka Sharma reacts angrily after the brand shared her photos without permission

The video shows Anushka doing her hair and makeup and talking out loud as she sat in front of a mirror inside a dressing table. She was also seen glancing at her hairstylist and makeup artist as she shared her take on working with the brand. Anushka wrote in the caption to her Instagram reels, “Considering @pumaindia’s proposal… What can I say?”

In the clip, the actor said, “Wait, am I going to have to wear a sports bra all day? It’s like being stuck at the same job as Virat. Ab bolenge ‘har jaga logo dikhna chahiya (they will now say that the logo must be visible everywhere)’.” Speaking further about the alleged deal with the brand, Anushka pulled a face and said, “Very obsessed with himself. Um, are these guys going to force me to be friends with this scary cat (seen on the brand logo) now? I literally found this thing in our bathroom one day. Use my soap. Cats can’t even take a bath!

Anushka was then heard talking about the brand name. She said, “Why didn’t they name him Cheetah? It’s the fastest, right? She further complained, “My clothes are going to have cat hair all day… do they own my family now? Reacting to his video, one user wrote in the comments section, “Sab tha promotion strategy (everything was a promotion strategy).” Another comment read, “Marketing on point.”

On Monday, Puma India took to its official Instagram handle and posted a photo of what appears to be a contract. The image mentions ‘Puma x Anushka’ with ‘confidential’ written on it. Along with the photo, the brand wrote in the caption, “Hey @anushkasharma, we should have contacted you sooner! Should we take it to the next level, then? Anushka later took to Instagram Stories to share the same and wrote, “I’m going to sleep on it.”

Earlier on Monday, the actor reposted his photo shared by the brand to promote his sale, writing, “Hey, @PumaIndia? I’m sure you know you need to get permission before you can use my images for any publicity purposes since I am not your ambassador”. The actor also asked the brand to remove the post, writing, “Please take it down,” along with angry face emojis. It was also posted by cricketer Virat Kohli, who wrote, “Please sort this Puma India.” Virat also endorses Puma India.

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