Ann Disshinger on Harnessing Business Skills for Fashion Design

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CHICAGO, IL, January 29, 2023 /24-7Press Release/ — Fashion design industry star Ann Disshinger recently discussed the connection between business skills and fashion. By combining knowledge in both, individuals can achieve success and advance rapidly in the industry.

At this point in her career, Ann was focused on giving back and helping the next generation of fashion designers. The fashion industry is constantly changing and people need to arrive with the right mindset to succeed.

An entrepreneurial spirit is essential in today’s fashion world, and Ann Disshinger Chicago sees that almost daily with his job.

Some of his top tips are general suggestions to help anyone. To begin with, it is crucial to understand the business side of fashion.

To succeed in the fashion industry, it is essential to understand the business behind every aspect of it. This includes things like production, sourcing, marketing, and sales. They all play an essential role.

People also need to develop strong financial skills to manage the fashion world. Profits are the engine of the fashion industry, so it can be valuable to have a solid understanding of financial concepts such as budgeting, forecasting and cost management.

Even though it would be nice to only care about fashion, you still have to pay the bills.

It’s crucial in Ann Disshinger’s mind that everyone in the fashion world builds a strong network. Networking is crucial in any industry, but it’s imperative in fashion.

Building relationships with key industry players can open the door to new opportunities and help a person get their foot in the door. Sometimes all it takes is a little breakthrough to make a difference.

People need to be able to think strategically about fashion. The fashion industry is very competitive, so it is essential to think strategically about the positioning of a brand or a company in the market.

This may involve market research, identifying target customers and developing a marketing plan. It may seem time-consuming, but it helps separate those ready to give birth from those trying to get out.

The ability to remain flexible and adaptable makes the difference. The fashion industry is constantly changing, so being flexible and adaptable is key.

Ann Disshinger herself has already gone through many changes. This can involve being open to trying new things, learning new skills, and being ready to pivot a strategy as needed.

Finally, Ann thinks excellent communication skills bring him closer. Communicating ideas clearly and effectively, both in writing and in person, is essential in the fashion industry.

This includes presenting your work effectively, negotiating contracts and working as a team. Without communication skills, even the best fashion ideas struggle to take off.

Having a business background while working in fashion is not essential, but more and more people are choosing this path to feel confident.

Ann Disshinger encourages people to do what they think is best for them. Leveraging certain business skills makes a difference, but only some people want to make it a major focus of their studies.

For more tips and advice related to the fashion industry, follow Ann Disshinger’s new official website at She plans to publish cohesive articles on a variety of fashion-related topics.

Learn more about Ann Disshinger

Ann Disshinger is a Chicago-based designer in the fashion industry. After years of experience with big names and companies, she is increasingly focusing on advising and mentoring young people eager to enter the industry.

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