An ephemeral store to break with fast fashion for

GV wardrobe is a sustainable alternative to fast fashion giants and its latest pop-up store will open tomorrow for two full weeks of in-person retail therapy.

A new location, at 12 North St, Shepparton, will house almost 2,000 clothing items ranging from women’s sizes 4 to 26 and men’s sizes XXS to XXXL.

The pop-up store will be equipped with changing rooms, cash or card payment options and each item will cost just $10.

GV Wardrobe founder Sam Spinks sees the pop-ups as trials to see what opening a permanent store might look like.

“Priority will always be online, that’s where it all started and it’s part of The GV Wardrobe’s vision,” she said.

“But it’s a great opportunity for people who prefer in-store shopping to come in, smell the clothes and try things on.”

Ms. Spinks is grateful for community members’ support and buy-in to the concept so far.

“Last year’s pop-up had an amazing turnout – and it was just one weekend,” she said.

“This time we’re open for two whole weeks — that’s three weekends — and that will give people a lot more time to shop when it suits them.

“Plus, new items will be added over the two weeks, giving customers a reason to keep coming back.”

They say when people talk about their passions it lights up a room, and that’s exactly what Ms Spinks does when she explains her company’s contribution to the end of fast fashion.

“Fashion is cyclical – items circulate and the GV wardrobe offers accessibility, affordability and durability to shoppers,” she said.

“Money spent on good clothes that are no longer useful to people is their hard-earned money and they are satisfied to donate it and in return receive a $2 coupon to spend at GV Wardrobe.”

It’s one free item of clothing for every five donated items.

Ms Spinks said this is how The GV Wardrobe competes with fast fashion – an incredible range of styles and brands at fast fashion prices.

Here is a dress for success.

The GV cabinet will be open from Saturday 7th January to Sunday 22nd January at 12 North St, Shepparton.

More information about the pop-up store can be found via The GV Wardrobe Facebook page.

Hit: Sam Spinks only launched the GV wardrobe 18 months ago and its popularity continues to grow. Photo by Megan Fisher

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