An AMAZING new function is launched on WhatsApp: are you already using it?

WhatsApp is constantly updating features to provide the best user experience. Recently, a new feature has been discovered on the WABetaInfo website which is useful for a special group of users.

According to WhatsApp news site WABetaInfo, messages are on the way to video calling. However, updates are only released for the iOS operating system. With the change, users can do other activities with the cell phone without the camera shutting down. Check the details below.

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Camera does not turn off even if you momentarily quit WhatsApp

In this way, users can use other applications without disconnecting from the video call. This feature is currently being tested. Therefore, only WhatsApp beta users can access the new feature. This makes life much easier for many users.

New WhatsApp feature for profile picture

Indeed, WhatsApp has launched a new feature in its application. Users can now create an avatar and use it in their profile picture. Messenger can also send virtual characters as stickers to your conversations. However, the app offers billions of different combinations for users to replicate their avatars.

Through the app, you can set the character’s style in detail, such as the character’s hairstyle, features, clothes, and accessories. WhatsApp avatars are undeniably the same models as Instagram and Facebook. However, the messenger has yet to announce if there will be any integration with the other two platforms at this point.

According to the announcer, there will be some improvements to character styling in the future, such as lighting, shading, and fur textures. However, according to the app, creating stickers with multiple user avatars is being tested.

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How to create your WhatsApp avatar?

Namely: avatars were created with the clear purpose of helping users express themselves better in conversations and providing more privacy, as the character can be used as a real photo.

To make your own, head over to WhatsApp. On the home screen, click the icon to see More options or “Settings” if you’re using an iPhone. Click on “Avatar” and then click on “Create avatar”. After that, follow the on-screen formations to create your character. and when you’re done, click OK.

If you want to delete your character, open the screen again and click “Delete avatar”.

How to use avatar in profile picture on WhatsApp?

After launching the feature in 2020 for Facebook and also launching it on Instagram earlier this year, it’s time to extend the avatars feature to WhatsApp. Currently only available to select beta users of WhatsApp for Android, the feature lets you create a virtual person that looks like anything you want.

First of all, the procedure is very simple and fast, just follow the steps. Go to WhatsApp, from the home screen tap More options or Settings if you are using an iPhone. Click on your profile picture. Then click on “Edit” and select the option “use avatar” and that’s it.

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