Amsterdam-based Cult Brand adds warmth to London’s Chiltern Street

LONDON – The world of cashmere.

Extreme Cashmere, the cult Amsterdam-based brand, has taken over Ssône’s store on London’s Chiltern Street, neighboring the luxury hotel and restaurant of Andre Balazs, Chiltern Firehouse, fashion brand Casely-Hayford and the new brand of Kimai lab-grown diamonds.

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Ssône is a contemporary clothing and lifestyle brand for women. The affluent street is the place for sustainable brands with a slow ethos.

Extreme Cashmere took the reins of Ssône for three months until February, transforming it into a colorful world of luxurious cashmere with mannequins completely covered in fiber. Some even have cashmere braid hairstyles in burgundy and dusty red, which looks like a sandy blonde.

extreme cashmere ssône

Inside Extreme Cashmere in Ssone.

The brand experimented with Ssône last year by hosting an in-store event with a mix of other brands available for purchase.

“We’ve already had quite a large following in London and the UK because we have a healthy cast with Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Browns and Matchesfashion, so people know us,” said Nisse van Rossum, account manager at Extreme Cashmere.

“For us it felt like the logical place to do a store takeover with a pop-up guerrilla element. We also specifically chose Chiltern Street because it’s a typical menswear area and well sure we want to push our multi-gender collection, so we’ve focused a bit more on that,” added van Rossum, explaining that Extreme Cashmere plans to replicate the model in multiple locations in the future.

The brand will present its fall 2023 collection during Paris Fashion Week in the 1st arrondissement with a showroom called the “winter house”, which follows the model of the brand’s house which invests spaces to present its collections.

“There will be sofas and a large dining table setup because we like to cook our dinners,” van Rossum said, alluding to the brand’s tradition of bringing in a chef to prepare dinner for customers.

In June, Extreme Cashmere underwent a digital transformation and relaunched its website with the aim of helping customers shop more efficiently. Complete looks can be purchased instantly without having to add multiple items to your cart as part of the plan to introduce an Occasions sub-category that will feature curated sets for different events.

“I call it a live magazine where you can shop,” Saskia Dijkstra, the brand’s founder, said in an interview with WWD recently, adding that it’s simultaneously a useful tool to help customers with cashmere puzzles such as navigating how to wash their “machine washable sweaters”.

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