“Allen Iverson, how are you going to embarrass yourself? : Chris Rock once fried the AI, while playing trolling with Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal

Allen Iverson was one of the greatest superstar athletes after the NBA’s Michael Jordan era. Although his rise and fall from stardom were not too far apart, it was enough to make him famous among celebrities all over the country.

And when you reach a certain level of fame in the United States, you can surely get invited to world famous talk shows.

Most of the time, a comedian is the host of these shows. Iverson once went on the show of Chris Rock, who was on his way to becoming one of the greatest comedians of all time. And it was obviously “must see TV”.

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When Chris Rock roasted Allen Iverson on his talk show

At the time, Allen Iverson was an established NBA superstar. He had won an MVP title (in 2001) against all the odds he had faced since entering the league in 1996. And was now playing for the Denver Nuggets after becoming an icon in Philadelphia.

However, just as the 6-footer taught the world that even smaller players can dominate basketball as much as 7-footers, he taught the NBA and the entire sports community the value of “freedom of expression”.

People wore far more AI products on the street than they had worn before with any other athlete. Her braided hairstyle and tattoos while playing in the NBA brought about a cultural shift like never seen before.

But none of that meant the 10x All-Star was too big for Chris Rock to roast. Iverson, who used to rap not just as a hobby but wanted to be a rapper, got a rain check when Rock asked him,

“Magic had a bad TV show, Shaq did a genius movie, how are you going to embarrass yourself?” Rock hilariously grilled AI, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal all at once. Watch it here.

Rock was referring to Johnson magic hour and Shaq Kazam. Those two attempts gave the Lakers legends the biggest Ls of their multi-faceted careers.

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Iverson’s failed attempt at Rap

“The Answer” played 14 years in the NBA, a decently long career with plenty of accolades that could have been much longer and more successful with a work ethic like his colleague, Kobe Bryant.

However, rapping, which AI seriously considered his second career but lingered in, in only his 4th season in the league, didn’t even grow on people for a year.

His single “40 Bars” in 2000, was deemed violent, homophobic and misogynistic, which put an end to the release of his debut album Non-Fiction, which he later released as Misunderstood with major edits. in the lyrics.

Iverson won an MVP after that failed attempt at the rap industry, but as Rock joked, he embarrassed himself with his short music career.

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