All console commands in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Ordered Function activateAllGlossaryBeastiary Displays all beasts in the glossary. activateAllGlossaryCharacters Displays all glossary characters. addabl(‘buff ID) Will buff a specific buff ID. See this listing for more details. addexp(amount) Adds a specific amount of XP. addHair1 Sets the default hairstyle. addHair2 Defines the ponytail hairstyle. addHair3 Defines the long, loose hairstyle. addHairDLC1 Defines the loose and short hairstyle. addHairDLC2 Sets the mohawk and ponytail hairstyle. addHairDLC3 Sets the Elven Rebel hairstyle. appearance(‘appearance ID’) Changes the appearance of a specific target NPC buffme(‘Effect Type ID’, Seconds) Gives a specific effect for a specific time. See this listing for more details. addgwintcards Adds one of each type of Gwent card. The Katakan Gwent map is an exception. It can be added by the command: gwint_card_katakan. additem(code,amount) Adds specific items to your inventory. See this list of articles for more details. add money (amount) Adds a specific amount of money. adds skill points (amount) Adds a specific number of skill points. all keys Gives all the keys needed to open all the doors. AllowFT(0/1) Enables (1)/disables (0) the ability to fast travel. cat(0/1) Enables (1)/disables (0) the ability to see in the dark. changeweather(‘weather ID’) Change the weather. See this listing for more details. Ciri Go to Ciri. clearexpand Completely resets Geralt. dismember The dismemberments targeted the NPC. dlgshow Displays the HUD. dlghide Hides the HUD. drunk(0/1) Enables (1)/disables (0) drunk mode. Crossfade Fades on screen after she disappears. vanish Dims the screen. Geralt Go to Geralt. god Toggle god mode which will make you invincible. gotoKaerMohren Teleport to Kaer Morhen. gotoNovigrad Teleport to Novigrad. go to Skellige Teleport to Skellige. gotoWyzima Teleport to Vizima. take care of me Sets health to maximum. instantMount(‘NPC ID’) Mount the character on a specific NPC. See this listing for more details. kill all (distance) Kills all enemies within a specific distance of your character. learnskill (skill id) Learn a specific skill. See this skill list for more details. higher level Level up one level. like a boss The damage dealt will be 40% of the enemy’s health level. Tapping it again will disable it. make it rain Trigger a storm or rain. removecustomhead Removes the head with a specific head ID. withdraw money (amount) Deletes a specific amount of money. delete element (code) Removes specific items from your inventory. See this list of articles for more details. rmvabl Remove the buff from the specific ID. secretgwint Start a Gwent game. setbeard(#, #) Sets a specific bear style. See this listing for more details. setcustomhead(‘head ID’) Sets the character’s head to a specific ID. See this listing for more details. settattoo(0 / 1) Shows/hides Geralt’s neck tattoo. settime (day, hour, minute, seconds) Rule at a specific time of day. set level Sets the specific character level. to shave Shave your beard. spawn(NPC ID’, Amount, Distance, true/false) Spawns NPCs with specific IDs. See this listing for more details. spawnBoatAndMount Spawns a boat and rides you on it. SpawnHorse Laying horse. endurance Create a horse with unlimited stamina. stop train Stops a storm or rain. Show allFT(0 / 1) Show (1)/hide (0) all fast travel points on the map. Show Pins(0 / 1) Show (1)/hide (0) all pins on the map. Show known pins (0/1) Show(1)/hide(0) all ‘?’ points on the map. test break Pause the game. test break Reactivate the game. TM (multiplier) Multiply the time. Toggle automatic camera rotation Enables/disables the auto-rotate camera depending on your character. witchcraft Drop a copy of every item in the game. WitcherHairstyle(1 / 2 / 3) Defines specific hairstyles (1,2,3). The hairstyles must be between apostrophes. winGwint(true/false) Instantly win or lose a Gwent match in progress. xy(X,Y) Travel to specific (x,y) coordinates.

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