Actress Frances Fisher reveals ‘no one could breathe properly’ on Titanic set because of corsets

Titanic Frances Fisher

Titanic Frances Fisher


Frances Fisher gets candid about the challenges that came with her Titanic disguises.

the Fisherman The 70-year-old actress, who did a Q&A with Vulture about the film – which celebrates its 25th anniversary on Monday – gave insight into what it was like to wear the tight corsets and heavy hats to play Ruth DeWitt Bukater in the period piece.

“It was the easiest role to play because Deborah Scott, the gorgeous costume designer, dressed us from the inside out,” Fisher said. “Having this corset completely changes your breathing style and your posture. … No one could breathe properly.”

“Also hairstyles,” she continued. “It was all my hair up under a huge hat. It was another thing that contributes to a kind of growl that I think Ruth had.”

Titanic Frances Fisher

Titanic Frances Fisher

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Fisher said it was difficult for some actresses to sit down and rest between takes because their costumes were so constricting and their hats also got in the way.

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“The corset sank into your body and you couldn’t lean back – the hat was so big. They had all these resting boards for us, but no one with their hair up in a big hat could use them .The proportions were incorrect,” she explained.

She and the other ladies would choose to “stay up” while waiting to shoot their scenes.

The actress also noted that going to the bathroom on set in costume was a whole other challenge in itself, but she and her co-stars found a way.

“When we were shooting on the boat, some of the women – like Kathy [Bates]kate [Winslet], and I – said, ‘Okay, are you ready to go back to the locker room to relieve us?’ ” she recalls.

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“They had potties on set, and none of us could fit in a potty with those big dresses,” she explained. “So we would stand in the back of a flatbed truck, and they would take us back to the locker room, so we could take care of what we needed.”

Titanic Frances Fisher

Titanic Frances Fisher

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Titanic became the first film to hit $1 billion in theaters, and still holds a special place for some of the cast, as well as director James Cameron.

In an exclusive interview for the new PEOPLE magazine Titanic special edition issue Cameron said he was continuing his research into the RMS Titanic, even after the premiere of the film. He even returned to the wreck site for several documentaries, including the 2003 one. Ghosts of the Abyss and for a National Geographic documentary scheduled to premiere in 2023.

“Yeah, I was kind of obsessed there for a while,” Cameron told PEOPLE. For now, he added, “I’m not going back to the wreckage. I’ve done my investigation. We’re putting all of our data together with some of the other experts…to make a definitive medical publication. legal marine. of the wreck.”

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He also revealed to Deadline that the studio behind the film originally didn’t want Leonardo DiCaprio as the star, and he had to fight to get him in. Titanic. He noted that he didn’t think the film would have been so successful if everything hadn’t gone the way it did.

“You think in any of those places, if it had really unraveled, it would have been somebody else and it wouldn’t have been this movie,” he told the point. sale. “And I can’t imagine this movie without him and without her.”

“So there’s a fragility in the whole process, there’s a fragility in the success,” Cameron added. “You change one item and it doesn’t work.”

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