A bad haircut, Roman’s revenge

Sami Zayn is off to a big night tonight on WWE SmackDown. On last week’s edition of the blue brand, The Usos defeated the Brawling Brutes to retain the undisputed Tag Team Championship.

The Honorary Uce once again proved his worth to The Bloodline and stopped Sheamus from breaking cover after The Usos connected with the 1D on Butch.

After the match, Jey Uso informed Sami that Roman Reigns would be back next week (tonight), and that he should get a makeover as it would be a big night for him.

Below are five ways Sami Zayn’s big night on WWE SmackDown could go wrong.

#5. Sami Zayn could show up to WWE SmackDown with a bad haircut

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Jey Uso recently warmed up to Sami Zayn after hating his guts for months. The latter was the reason The Usos retained the tag titles last week and was also The Bloodline’s MVP at WWE Survivor Series WarGames.

As previously reported, Jey told Sami to pack up for tonight’s show, hinting that the tribal leader has something special planned for him.

Zayn was thrilled with the news and may have tried to do it all. In an effort to impress The Tribal Chief, Sami might appear on SmackDown with a ridiculous hairstyle that doesn’t suit The Bloodline.

#4. The Bloodline postpones Sami’s big night

sami zayn after roman reigns told him to “clean up” his look https://t.co/hpS2t84cQ6

Sami Zayn could arrive on tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown in Chicago with hopes of finally becoming Sami Uso, only to have his dreams shattered.

Roman Reigns may arrive with other plans and tell The Honorary Uce his big night will be on next week’s show.

Although he might be discouraged, Sami would have no choice but to respect the tribal leader’s wishes.

#3. Kevin Owens attacks Sami Zayn

8 years ago today @SamiZayn beat Adrian Neville to win the #WWENXT Championship, and members of the #NXT list, including his friend @FightOwensFight, came to congratulate him. After the roster left, Kevin Owens turned on his Sami Zayn, performing a powerbomb on him.#WWE https://t.co/SEfHQBghyw

Kevin Owens has every reason to spoil Sami Zayn’s big night tonight on WWE SmackDown. Owens warned Sami on SmackDown before Survivor Series that he should turn on The Bloodline before they betrayed him.

Instead of taking knockout advice, The Honorary Uce doubled down on their commitment to The Bloodline and hit Owens with a low blow at the event. He followed that up with a Helluva Kick before retiring for Jey Uso. The latter hit the Frog Splash to earn a decisive victory for The Bloodline.

Kevin looks like a guy who’s been holding grudges for a long time, and Sami should probably have his head on a pivot tonight. However, he is more likely to be overwhelmed by the Tribal Leader’s attention and is an easy target for the Prizefighter.

#2. Jey Uso lied to Sami Zayn

Jey Uso overheard Kevin Owens telling Sami Zayn that he should turn on The Bloodline before they turn it on. #Smack down https://t.co/KwlfbUbxkt

On last week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Jey Uso was alone with Sami Zayn when he told him to prepare for the return of Roman Reigns. He could have done it intentionally to get revenge on Zayn for lying to him the night before Survivor Series.

When Kevin Owens told Sami to betray The Bloodline, none of the superstars knew Jey was listening. Uso asked Sami if he had spoken to anyone and the honorary Uce lied to his face.

Uso may be playing a prank on Sami, and there’s absolutely nothing planned for him tonight. Sami could show up at the Allstate Arena tonight dressed in his new clothes and embarrass himself in front of The Tribal Chief.

#1. It’s a setup orchestrated by Roman Reigns

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Sami Zayn could fall into a trap set by The Bloodline tonight on WWE SmackDown. Jey Uso told Roman Reigns about Sami’s dishonesty during WWE Survivor Series. The tribal chief had a conversation with the honorary Uce, and he confessed everything to him.

The Great Liberator claimed he was trying to protect Jey by lying because The Usos had a big game to determine which team had the advantage at WarGames that night.

Reigns and Zayn shared a hug, but Roman looked unconvinced on his face. He may have made Sami believe that everything was fine for The Bloodline to work together in the WarGames match. However, he could also have decided that he couldn’t trust Sami moving forward.

The Honorary Uce may think that tonight is the night he becomes Sami Uso. Instead, tonight The Bloodline could let him know he never belonged.

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