8 hairstyles that will hide your roots, courtesy of the pros

Every four weeks my grays become unbearably apparent against my nearly black hair. As they creep onto my scalp, I scramble to cover them in every way I can until I get to the salon for a dye job. Whether you’re dyeing your grays or dealing with unwanted roots that come in and ruin your obscene, you know all about the frustrating cycle. While you obviously can’t stop your roots from growing out, there are a few ways to hide them until you get an appointment with your colorist.

A line of defense is to use one of the many root concealing products that exist. “There are great products out there to help you go an extra week or two between salon visits,” says professional hairstylist Nicholas Taylor. You can find them in spray, powder, or gel form, and these products basically serve as a temporary pigment until you get the real deal. “The spray or powder is made up of microfibers that instantly and effortlessly coat your adult roots,” says April Story, hairstylist at FEKKAI Soho Salon.

But if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to spend money on new products, all it takes is a little creativity with your style to make everyone think your hair color isn’t overdone. The easiest tactic? Change your room. “Try changing your part to where you have the most gray hair first,” says Jay Small, celebrity hairstylist and co-founder of Arey, a hair-care brand focused on delaying the growth of gray hair. “When your hair isn’t perfectly parted or straightened, it’s easier to keep the focus on the overall style rather than the regrowth,” adds Sunnie Brook, a celebrity hairstylist who works with Ashley Park and Elisabeth Moss.

Volume and texture are also your friends. “Adding volume to your locks is the foundation of any hairstyle that will hide your grown-up roots,” Story explains. Small echoes this, noting that the texture can be a great way to take someone’s eyes away from the roots and pull them towards the middle and ends of your hair. “Using root hairspray or powder can also help,” says Nicholas. This is to create an optical illusion.

With your bases covered, read on for the best hairstyles to hide your roots, straight from the pros.

1. Bulky rash

Channel a 90s model with a chunky, heavy-on-the-volume blowout – a chic look recommended by Sebastian Leading Professional Artist Angel Cardona. “Be sure to dry your hair with a root lifter, such as Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray, and a small round brush to add volume,” he says. Once your hair is dry, apply dry shampoo to soak up any excess oil — this will work double-duty by adding volume to keep your roots hidden, he notes. Apply a little oil for extra body and volume, then seal in with hairspray. “This will maintain the shape of the blowout and combat any humidity you may encounter throughout the day,” says Cardona.

2. Rope Braided Top Knot

Cardona is also a fan of this creative take on the top knot. To pull off this look, prep your hair by spraying a leave-in product around the hairline and mid-lengths and ends. “Then pull the hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band,” he says. “Once secure, divide the ponytail into four sections and twist two strands into a rope braid.” Repeat with the remaining two strands, then secure each braid with a rubber band. Wrap them all together in a high bun and secure them in place with bobby pins and hairspray. “You’re left with a very detailed bun that will also help hide your roots,” Cardona says.

3. Headband

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Consider turning to your collection of hair accessories to cover your roots. “Headbands can be really helpful if you have roots,” says Taylor. Brook suggests decorative or heavy cotton headbands, or for a bolder vibe, leather headbands “like Marc Jacobs did on the runway a few years ago,” she says.

If you don’t have headbands, Taylor says a scarf, handkerchief, or even a hat will do.

4. High ponytail

“Pulling your hair back into a high pony is a great way to style and camouflage your roots,” says celebrity hairstylist Kacey Welch. The classic can be more versatile than you think: wear one with a deep side part, flipped ends (à la Barbie ponytail), braid or a “bubble” braid.

5. High bun

Another updo that will do the trick is a high bun, says Brook. “Try leaving the ends out and shaping them into a faux bang,” she tells Bustle. You can also do balletcore with it keeping it super sleek – just be sure to comb it up rather than show off your role.

6. Neon Roots

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If you’re feeling daring, play around with a temporary dye. “Add a pop of neon color to your roots,” says Brooks, pointing out Billie Eilish’s former look. This will allow you to experiment without obligation and hide those adult strands.

7. Zigzag Part

It’s a scenario where the hair part you rocked in college can save your style. “Instead of a straight part, play with a zigzag parting to complete your blowout,” says Story. You can also pull your hair up into a pony or jump into the year 2000 by tossing it with a claw clip.

8. Voluminous Curls

The bigger the hair, the more… people can’t see your grown roots. “Add tight curls with lots of volume,” suggests Brook. “Think of Julia Roberts in A pretty woman.” Turn to whatever curling method you prefer, whether it’s Velcro rollers or your curling iron, and go for it. big.

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