7 hair mistakes that add up to 10 more years

the Hair it is an important part of our personal image, so if we make mistakes in its style and color, we can look much older.

Here we list 7 very common hair mistakes that add up to 10 more years!

apply a dark shade

Very dark shades, almost reaching black, are not very flattering on the face, as they accentuate more pronounced features and highlight expression lines.

The ideal is to lean towards light browntwo tones below normal hair, to harmonize the features.

Hair with frizz and split ends

Hair with a stye, frizz, lightness and opacity is a hair mistake that makes you look older (and aged).

Remember that your hair says a lot about your health! For this reason, it is necessary to cut your hair regularly and apply moisturizers every week.

You want a manageable, thick, glowing and bouncy result.

Platinum Tone Dye

Gray or platinum dye can be a random hair that makes you look older.

Why? This color range is related to old age, but if you have a lot of gray hair, it can help you hide it. In any case, in order not to look so big, you can bet on silver tones, slightly blond, and loose waves that soften the look.

Pancake and updos

Be very careful with high hairstyles, they are a double edged sword! Some create a lifting effect by styling the face, but those with exaggerated toupees and bouffants make you look older and “regular”.

The solution? Opt for a hairstyle more romantic, fresh, carefree and with accessories.

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Avoid fancy updates

While we’re talking hairstyles, there’s one that tops the list of hair mistakes that make you look older: neat buns or buns.

We refer to those who have no hair on the outside and stretch the skin so much, until they make your eyes look smaller. This highlights all forehead wrinkles and draws attention to less flattering areas. Throw them away !

Use ultra straight hair

It’s a 100% clear straight that isn’t always very rejuvenating – and even less so after 40 years – on the contrary!

right angles harden the face and blemishes, bags under the eyes and signs of aging are highlighted. Note to self: light waves are the option to subtract years.

Apply blonde dyes

Ash blondes or warm blondes that fall into the yellow range are a big hair mistake that makes you look older!

In the first case, the famous ash blondes can create a gray effect that you do not have. procure use it on balayage or ombré to avoid this, and not in high contrast lights.

On the side of the yellow dye, break with the softness of the face and even provides a sick skin effect. The trick is to stick with golden and blonde shades that suit your skin tone.

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