6 tutorials for successful braids and pistols

The braid is a great classic. As practical as it is pretty, it has established itself as THE timeless hairstyle over the centuries. It is available indefinitely and can range from sophisticated hairstyles to effortlessly or even from a bohemian hairstyle to a little rebellious. We present to you 6 tutorials to have successful and torrid braids. Something to give you ideas for the end of the year celebrations.

1 – The ear braid

also called egyptian braid, the spiked braid is THE iconic braid. She easily adapts to all hair types even if it remains reserved for long hair. The spiky braid is characterized by an original style which can give a classy, ​​rock or even bohemian look.

She goes perfectly with all styles of clothing and in all seasons. Very easy to do and practical, it is simple to make a cornrow braid alone at home.

2 – The bubble braid

The bubble braid has conquered the general public and made a spectacular comeback. It is also a hairstyle fairly easy to doand which immediately brings a very glamorous touch.

The bubble braid is a cute hybrid hairstylebecause it is between the braid and the ponytail and therefore moves away from the classic braid. Sweetheart Hairstyle of the Starsit was actress Blake Lively, Serena Vanderwoodsen in Gossip Girl, who had dusted it off, adopting it during a red carpet in 2014. The big advantage of this hairstyle is to be able to wear it day and night.

3 – Baby braids

Baby Braids are the trend of the moment! Those are two small braided locks on each side of the face. Both vintage and modern, the stars have appropriated this hairstyle: the model Hailey Bieber, the model Bella Hadid, the singer Dua Lipa… Very easy to adopt and wearthese two braids will immediately give you a romantic and bohemian look as wanted. We love it!

4 – Braiding with scarf

Doing your hair with a scarf will put highlight your personality. It is a unique hairstyle that will allow you to create a style that is both chic and bohemian. If you want an original hairstyle that looks like you then it’s perfect, you’ve found the braid and the tutorial you need !

5 – The crown braid

Over the years, he still caused a stir. Very classy and romantic, this hairstyle gives the impression of being difficult to achieve and yet! She is of great simplicity.

You can wear it neither too tight nor too loosegiving it a disheveled effect with a few flights which escape from the braids. The crown braid will give you the look you want: wise or rock? It’s up to you to decide ! Small flat all the same: it is rather reserved for long hair.

6 – Glued braids

We do not present her anymore. This way of braiding her hair radically cleanses the face. Glued or flat braids are found on absolutely all heads, and on all hair.

They also come in different hairstyles. They can be on the side or spread all over the hair in parallel rays and can even split into two neat braids at the back. So practical that you don’t want to part with these braids!

So what do you think of these braids? Will you succumb to any of them? In any case, they can be superb as a hairstyle for parties.

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