6 of the most recommended beauty products of 2022

Beauty products that have been personally recommended, time and time again.


Beauty products that have been personally recommended, time and time again.

This year we asked a variety of fabulous people, from facialists to anglers, to share their beauty shelves – their top products they use daily and swear by.

The best recommendations come from real people, who have discovered their holy grail sunscreen, face cream, or favorite lipstick through best friends, grandmothers, and years of trial and error.

Over the past 12 months of shelves, several products and brands have popped up multiple times – so in an act of public service, here’s what made this our best shelf of 2022.

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1. COSRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin, $27

This dark-sounding serum made from the slime of real snails has been recommended by several undeniably radiant people, to soothe and calm the skin all around. Actress Johanna Cosgrove swears ‘it literally changed my skin’, and dancer Leshego Mpe says the niacinamide version is her ‘go-to soothing serum’.

2. MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy, $35

What’s cool about this shade popping up repeatedly (years after Kylie Jenner sold it worldwide) is that people of so many different skin tones love it. Artists August Ward and Elyssia Wilson-Heti, plus designer Jenny Drury agree that the velvet teddy is the perfect nude shade to wear with any outfit, day or night. Mac won the overall lip category this year, making Doris De Pont’s favorite Blowback and Ashleigh William’s brown lip liner “the best brown lip liner out there.”

3. La Roche-Posay Anthelios SPF50 Fluid, $29

This year, almost everyone has included an SPF on their shelves – what a smart Kiwis sun! The La Roche-Posay one came highly recommended by actor Ashleigh Williams, as well as Varsha Reddy of Brown Beauty Guide for not leaving a white cast on the skin – a bonus for everyone – but super important for skins darker. The SPF finalists were: Mecca To Save Face SPF 50+, $47, for dry skin, and Cancer Society Suncreen Kids SPF50+, $20, for sensitive skin.

4. Weleda Skin Food, $25

It’s thick, nourishing, relatively inexpensive, and highly recommended by brilliant people like Tanya Barlow for everything from dryness to blemishes, and it doubles as a highlighter for dewy skin.

5. Fenty Shine Bomb, $39

Few glosses hit top shelves this year, but when they did, it was Fenty. Makeup artist Tallulah Mclean, comedienne Janaye Henry and Mpe swear by her for her “juicy, soft, hydrated lips” on and off stage.

6. The products of Maryse and Sans [ceuticals]

People can’t get enough of these natural skincare brands made in New Zealand. Hairstylist Sky Cripps-Jackson and facialist Christel Chapman both rate Maryse’s Enzyme Cleansing Balm, $50, for a nourishing cleanser, while designer Paris Mitchell Temple uses the Treatment Balm, $32 on just about everything , and Kristine Crabb loves Maryse’s Mineral Shade, $58, for natural-looking blush and lips.

Without [ceuticals] is loved across the board, too — makeup artist Sophy Philips is a big fan of Activator Oil, $7.62, Baina’s Anna Fahey exfoliates with Bio Active Body Exfoliant, $56, and Mitchell Temple loves the effects. Superdose Brightening Mask, $65.

Finally, we loved these inexpensive, non-traditional beauty items that top people’s bucket lists:

  • Ice cubes – Facial icing is Loveskin founder Jo Lehndorf’s “secret weapon” for leaving her complexion glowing, firm and fresh.

  • apple cider vinegar – “Two spoonfuls a day for eight years. It does wonders for my gut health (and mood), as well as my skin, hair and nails,” says designer Kristine Crabb.

  • Salt water and seafood – Angler and TV host Matt Watson lets the moana keep his mullet and his overall health in good shape – “All those omega oils and micronutrients are supposed to be good for you.”

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