5 ways to add more style to your hair in winter

It’s winter, the most anticipated time of the year. You can layer up and stay warm in warm jackets, beanies and stylish boots. Your makeup and hair stay in place and look great. Your fashion game is at its peak. If you’re itching to add some drama to your look, you can do it just with your hair. Whether it’s buying trendy wigs, adding cool hair accessories, using temporary hair color, or giving your hair a complete makeover, you can do it all and channel your inner diva.

Here are some ways to add style to your hair this winter:

fashionable wigs

A few hairstyles look awesome on others but make you doubt to try them. Pixie haircut and different styles of bangs and bangs are definitely stylish, but you may feel uncomfortable cutting your hair. In such cases, wigs are ideal. Not only can you experiment with different hairstyles for different looks every day, but it also saves you the anxiety of waiting for hair to grow out in case you don’t like it.

temporary hair coloring

If you fear commitment, don’t. If you’re not sure about wearing a particular hair color for a longer period of time or you’re worried about getting bored with your appearance, temporary hair color is the way to go. One of the biggest benefits of these dyes is that they don’t require your hair to be bleached, which means less risk of hair damage. Color your hair rainbow or neon and look like a star.

Hair accessories

Since it’s cold, your hair is more likely to stay in place and not accumulate a lot of sweat. Make the most of this opportunity and use hair accessories for a flattering look. You can choose studded or vintage headbands. For the Christmas party, you can sport a cute reindeer ears headband. Other than that, opt for banana clips or pearl studded barrettes. You can also wear bandanas and knotted headbands.

Dye your hair

If you want your hair color to last longer, go for dyeing your hair at a salon. If you’re feeling too experimental, go with what you want, however, if fashion is what you’re looking for, you might want to do some research. You can opt for lowlights in shades of blue or purple. You can consider neon highlights or a warm red-brown balayage.


If you have long hair, cut it to medium length with layered cuts. Go for waterfall bangs or Chinese bangs. If you are feeling daring enough, go for a side-swept bob haircut.

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