5 easy hairstyles inspired by Bollywood celebrities to try for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the festivities are accompanied by a multitude of parties. You could be the host or be the life of a party, but in neither case will we allow you to look stylish while you’re at it. Of course, what you wear is important to the celebration, but no one ever said that a bad hair day is the prerequisite for a very lit party. So, while you’re still picking your perfect Christmas OOTD, let us help you choose the season’s hottest hairstyles to ring in the festive dress-up. From Sonam Kapoor to Ananya Panday, here are our favorite celebrity-inspired hairstyles to try this festive season.

5 celeb-inspired party hairstyle ideas

1. Classic bun

Sonam Kapoor’s fashion and beauty sensibilities are phenomenal. For the 2022 Red Sea Film Festival held recently, Sonam chose a stunning red dress for the occasion, but it was her chic hairstyle that caught our attention. Without going overboard, we loved how Sonam chose an updo over anything else. What’s so special about this bun? The bun is tied in a top knot and as a precision bow due to the season’s gift giving traditions. Does it get any more festive than that? Maybe not.

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2. Sleek Back Hairstyle

Sometimes minimal chic hairstyles just do the trick that nothing else can. Do you remember Ananya Panday’s stylish hairstyle when she was in New York? Allow us to remind you. Ananya Panday was seen in New York for the launch of Swarovski’s new collection and while some were focusing on her cut-out jumpsuit, we were busy getting our hair ready to look as sleek and straight as the center.

3. A Messy Ponytail

The reason a ponytail is so popular is because of its versatile nature. It goes well with everything and requires little to no time trying to perfect it. It’s a classic for all the right reasons and Alia Bhatt shows us how her ponytail perfectly complements her outfit. Give your hair some volume at the top and soft waves or curls at the bottom for added depth and we bet your hair on fleek will be a talking point at any party.

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4. Soft curly hair

Soft curls are a versatile hairstyle for all hair lengths, whether short or long. It’s effortless style at its best and always gives full marks to the overall look. Shilpa Shetty’s cascading brown locks are the perfect example of how the holiday season can lift your spirits, but also put you at the top of the charts.

5. Messy bun

A distant cousin to the messy ponytail, the messy bun is a favorite for the little effort it takes to create maximum impact. When styled right, the messy can look super chic and definitely different from the bun you wake up with every morning. If Alaya Furniturewalla can style it for various red carpet events, we don’t see what’s stopping you from choosing the messy bun this festive season.

So which of these did you like? Let us know in the comments section.

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