5 Awesome Wednesday Addams Looks Recreated on Instagram

Netflix’s hit series Wednesday is going viral on the internet because of actor Jenna Ortega’s flawless portrayal of Wednesday Addams’ character. The series has been trending a lot on social media and many influencers have recreated the iconic look from the series.

The Addams FamilyWednesday Addams’ daughter is currently the most viral phenomenon. From her savage responses to her antisocial nature, she has won over audiences and bringing the character to life is American actor Jenna Ortega who is highly regarded for the series. A Wednesday Addams dance sequence from the Netflix series Wednesday is currently a viral trend in which people recreate his weird steps as well as his iconic look. Here are some of the recreated looks that wowed the internet and went viral.

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5 Wednesday Addams Recreated Looks The Internet Loved

Ritvi Shah

Social media influencer and fashion enthusiast Ritvi Shah posted her version of Wednesday Addams’ iconic dance from her school dance Nevermore Academy on Instagram. Her look, makeup, and hair were nearly identical to Jenna Ortega’s, and she posted her version side-by-side with the original scene. Fans were impressed with his efforts to create the whole scene and pulled off the look and expressions well.

Photo credit: Instagram

Liz Sanchez

Fellow influencer Liz Sanchez also took to the internet to show off her transformation to The Cramps’ viral song Goo Goo Muck which Wednesday Addams danced to at the Nevermore Academy school night. She showed off four of her Wednesday Addams inspired looks, the first in which she wore a frock dress, the second which was a split bodycon with a white scoop neck, the third which was an off the shoulder dress and the last was another dress split.

Photo credit: Instagram

Radhika Bangia

Indian influencer Radhika Bangia never fails to impress her followers with her Korean and international content and this time she hopped on the dance trend on the viral Wednesday song. Her Wednesday Addams-inspired look included two braids, a black miniskirt and a black crop top with a white collar and she tried to keep the angry expressions during the dance, just like the character.

Photo credit: Instagram

Viras of Akruti

This influencer is going viral for recreating Wednesday Addams’ look as she resembles the character. The uncanny resemblance impressed fans as her dress to hairstyle, everything was very similar. The actor shared the photo of his look and his entire Wednesday Addams-inspired wardrobe with the caption, “All for a psychotic serial killer freak.”

Photo credit: Instagram

Krutika AKA The Scales of the Mermaid

Photo credit: Instagram

This popular influencer who often posts relevant and point-of-view videos also attempted to recreate the Wednesday Addams look on her birthday. She braided her hair and did makeup inspired by Netflix Wednesday main character. She had a pointed choker with a pendant in the shape of a human heart and a black off-the-shoulder dress. Her birthday cake was a strawberry cake with a picture of Wednesday Addams on it. She also had a moving dead hand on her head which impressed fans.

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