3 outdated haircuts that age you instantly, according to celebrity stylists

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While aging is inevitable, beautiful, and something to be proud of, some haircuts can make us look older than we are, and not frame our features as well as others. For that reason, we’ve reached out to professional hairstylists and styling experts for three haircut suggestions to avoid if your goal is to maintain a youthful look, or just look trendy for fall! Read on for tips and ideas from Ghanima Abdullah, hair expert and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles, Gina Rivera, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Phenix Salon Suites.

Thick and blunt bangs

While these bangs can be considered bold and daring, Abdullah warns that they can add years to your look by drawing attention to wrinkles, rather than framing your face or accentuating your cheekbones like another cut. of hair can do it. “Thick, blunt bangs that go past the eyebrows on a blunt lob” should be avoided, she explains, because “they highlight all the signs of aging on the face and don’t frame the face well.” On the contrary, she points out, “they push all the attention towards the eyes, with all their lines”.

Instead, try curtain fringe

An alternative to this “popular but unflattering look” would be curtain bangs, she recommends. “These flatter just about any face at any age and neatly frame the face while distracting from serious signs of aging,” she continues. Curtain bangs, Abdullah notes, are a type of bangs cut that create a soft, natural wave at the top of the head, as seen here on Kirsten Dunst. “They’re often used to frame the face and more specifically, to give it a youthful look,” she adds, which “look great on mature women” because they make your face “look smaller and thinner when ‘they go down to the level of the cheeks’.

thorny pixie

While a Halle Berry-esque cut can really draw attention to your beautiful features, Abdullah recommends not making it look too sharp when styling, as this could highlight any thinning hair or draw attention to your scalp. “It’s a great way to show everyone how much you miss them,” she warns, adding that “the spikes create equal areas of empty scalp.”

Pixie with side-swept bangs

Going for a cropped bob is a classic way to show off your eyes and cheekbones, and Abdullah says another way to do this is to add side bangs to your cut. “Have you ever seen a pixie cut where the bangs grab all the attention? That’s what you’re looking for: long, side-swept bangs,” Abdullah said. “The rest of your hair should be in pieces and angled,” she notes, adding, “the cut should swirl around your head to hide hair loss.” Abdullah points out that a pixie cut with layers is one of the best ways to draw more attention to your beautiful face, while maintaining locks that are easy to manage and look effortless.

“Ask your stylist about the amount and placement of layers that will help create volume and body in your hair,” she says. ‚ÄúTell them you would like to create more volume. Generally pixies that add volume are cut very short in the back, a bit long around the ears and long at the top. She adds that “layers can be cut to swirl around the head to hide thinning in the most noticeable areas,” and that it’s a good idea to “take a few photos in the living room,” like Halle’s. Berry,” to see what’s possible and what will work best for you.

Medium Length Layerless Lob

True to its name, a lob is technically a “longer bob,” says Abdullah, and if that length isn’t cut down to your chin or collarbone, it can look flat and dull. “As you get older and your hair gets thinner, long hair isn’t what it used to be,” Abdullah says, adding, “it can age you because your once full locks are less so, and it shows.” To avoid this, she notes that “shorter haircuts can help you look younger” and “lobes, bobs that fall in the neck area or above the shoulders, soften the angles that stand out on your face with age. That said, she recommends “making sure your stylist adds a little layer to keep your lob from falling flat.”

Add Layers to an Asymmetrical Lob

The lob, also recognized as a longer version of the classic bob, is “such a popular look right now,” says Rivera. One of the main reasons for this, she adds, is the fact that “you don’t have to commit to shorter hair and it’s versatile, the lob is also great for creating a youthful look. “. To avoid the kind of boring lob detailed by Abdullah, Rivera says to add texture with layers. “A lob with lots of texture is always a great look for our aging beauties,” she says, “the texture allows for a lot of movement and it can be worn looser than a sleek lob, which softens the features.” As seen here on Charlize Theron, the asymmetrical lob is also “great for creating a youthful look,” says Rivera. She concludes that “the fact that there are changing lengths in the hair makes it a very trendy and current style, and it contributes to a modern and young look”.

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