11 celebrity hair trends of 2022 that are still relevant


The thing about celebrities is that they always have a plethora of hairstyles in their arsenal. With every event comes a new look, and it’s easy to see why they’re a go-to when considering a mane change. The cuts, length, texture and colors of these trendsetters are inspiring enough to try something new. The 2022 celebrity hair trends have been eclectically curated to show off the diverse personalities of these celebrities we love.

In 2022, stars have been doing business in the hair category and we can proudly say there hasn’t been a dull moment. While some went for minimalist hairstyles, others went a step further with colors and cuts, proving that hairstyles can really be a way to show off your personality. The versatility of styles on offer makes it easy to have options, especially if you’re looking to up your hair game or test the waters of a different style, whether it’s for your holidays or for 2023.

These celebrity hair trends are sure to show off your hair…

#1. chic cornrows

It was arguably the most popular hairstyle spotted on celebrities this year. Perhaps because of its simplicity, versatility and protective nature. We’ve often spotted this hairstyle on celebrities aiming for a casual look and something familiar to get comfortable with. This year, vocal power Alica’s Keys scored a major moment with this one by adorning her cornrows with embellishments.


#2. Sensual bangs

From Birkin bangs to braids, it was only natural to see celebrities adopting the big bang hair trend every day. Bangs have their place among the top celebrity hair trends because they have a unique style and also suit all face shapes. If you’re looking to switch up your look for something both sultry and edgy, bangs are the best bet.


#3. A colorful delight

Blacks, brunettes and blondes have always been mainstays, but this year celebrities have dared to pop. We can attest that this is a crazy color season, and cool celebs are going hard with bold hair colors, while some are infusing pops of bright hues into darker shades. Certainly, no color is prohibited.

#4. Mouthwatering locs

The Bailey sisters, Chloe and hall, had locs locked and have been for years now. The versatility of this hairstyle makes it easy to style whichever way you choose. Whether you pile them into a knot like a bun or let them fall freely, locs are still a winning look for a girl with sauce.


#5. girly ponytails

This minimal hairstyle can be dressed up or down for any occasion. It’s the gym’s best ally that can also effortlessly rock the red carpet. Plus, every face shape and hair texture has a ponytail style to complement it. There’s no reason not to add it to your to-do list.


#6. A story of two tones

Most girls have experienced two-tone magic and know firsthand what it does to your confidence. Two-tone hair has gone from a trend to a lifestyle, it’s no wonder celebrities are stylishly on board. The stark color contrast makes it hard to miss, and it’s no wonder they’re one of the hottest hair trends of 2022.


#seven. Sleek and smooth hair

Straight hair has had everyone in the stranglehold this year, and celebrities haven’t been left behind. The glossy texture and towering locks have a muted luxury all over the hair. This hairstyle is a great option for women with oval and heart-shaped faces.


#8. 90s clean cuts

90s edgy cuts usually feature asymmetrical ends and layers. Like all trends that have made a comeback, hairdressers manage to put a modern twist on nostalgic hairstyles. Whether you opt for edgy pixies or shoulder-skimming styles, you’ll find a style that’s perfect for you and your face shape. The 90s are back baby, and we love it!

#9. Pompous braided bun

Rather than creating a regular bun, elevate the style with braids for an on-trend twist. If the whole bun is not braided, it would require strategic combing and decent amounts of product to hold it in place.


#ten. Fiercely Bald / Crew

Although not all of these celebrities are completely bald, the hair is still low enough to feel and almost see the scalp. This hairless style is ironically one of the celebrity hair trends. Imagine being able to shower with water caressing your scalp while maintaining your beauty. Happiness!


#11. Hair clips

It’s one of the maximalist trends of the 90s that celebrities continually have a crush on. The larger the hair clip, the bolder the statement.


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