10 Times BTS’ Suga Wreaked Mayhem With His Dreamy Long Hair Photos On Instagram

Suga, aka Min Yoongi, has been giving ARMY a hard time (in a good way) with his Instagram posts. The BTS member has had that dreamy long hair for a while now, and he often shares new photos flaunting the look on his personal IG.

From vintage-style Victorian-themed photoshoot images to casual snaps of him with his messy hair, the singer has randomly dropped jaw-dropping photos out of nowhere. While the idol rocks all sorts of hairstyles and colors, this era of Suga with his long, luscious locks has been something else entirely.

Well, keep scrolling for proof. Here are ten times Min Yoongi caused chaos among ARMYs and completely took over social media by posting long hair photos on Instagram.

#1. What’s in store? – The biggest question among fans is, what are these photos for? It clearly looks like a proper photoshoot, so the photos should be for something.

#2. Just a random click – The man really looks like that on a daily basis! Suga has the power to leave everyone speechless with just a casual casual selfie.

#3. Look by Suchwita – Must be the hottest host ever. This was Yoongi’s look for the very first episode of her own chat show, “Suchwita,” where fellow member RM came as a guest.

#4. Another casual position – Once again, Suga decided to take to his Instagram account to drop a cool selfie. Remember that her hair is now even longer.

#5. What’s the story behind it? – The theories this photo led to were out of this world. From ARMY predicting a collaboration to a photoshoot and more, it just left the internet in chaos.

#6. The sports lover – Suga in Japan for an NBA game can also be a list in its own right. Her personality and aura were so captivating. He stole the show just by sitting in the audience.

#seven. Look for the game – This was what he looked like watching the NBA game in the audience. Surely all the photos of the day are still in the minds of every ARMY.

#8. The artist of always – Just Min Yoongi and his “First Love”, the piano. He not only blessed us with a short and beautiful piano performance, but also a series of dreamy photos.

#9. Special Vintage – Again, we all wonder what these photos are for. Possibly her folio photo, but it won’t be confirmed until her birthday approaches in March.

#10 Victorian Prince – This vintage-themed photo series with Victorian prince Min Yoongi has now become our favorite. I hope to hear more about this mysterious photoshoot soon.

Suga, at the time of long black hair, turns out to be the best! What do you think? Share your thoughts with us below.

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