10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Hardy’s Wrestling Career Outside WWE

Jeff and Matt Hardy are two of the most beloved professional wrestlers to ever step into a ring. While they are now in the twilight of their career, they still had an excellent run that spanned decades. Their most memorable years came in WWE ring, because they have been champions several times.

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However, the Hardys also had several memorable moments outside of the WWE ring. During their time as active artists, the brothers have had some dream matches that many fans aren’t even aware of. The Hardys also participated in several high profile promotions outside of the McMahon-owned company.


10/10 One of their first matches outside of WWE was against each other

Jeff vs. Matt Hardy

Jeff and Matt Hardy began their wrestling careers while wrestling on trampolines. After years of running their OMEGA promotion, they were both used as WWE jobbers. Matt and Jeff had a handful of matches in 1994, leaving after a few months. For its part, the former was then brought back for a few games at the start of the following year.

On March 25, 1995, the Hardys faced off for the first time in a major promotion at an NFWA show. The match was Jeff’s first since leaving WWE in 1994 and Matt’s first after his second stint ended in 1995. On exit, it was the younger brother who took the win.

9/10 They had several nicknames

willow the whistle

Oddly enough, the very first Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy match wasn’t actually Jeff vs. Matt. No, instead it was Willow The Whisp versus Surge. While these are weird nicknames, they’re far from the only ones the brothers use outside of WWE.

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Jeff has arguably had the weirdest nicknames, working under names like Ingus Jynx, Itchweeed, Wolverine and Keith Davis. However, Matt has had odd names himself, such as High Voltage and Brian Hardy.

8/10 Jeff launched 2010’s ‘The Monday Night Wars’

Jeff Hardy TNA
via 411mania.com

In 2010, Total Nonstop Wrestling decided to move its flagship show Impact! broadcasting from Thursday to Monday. This decision was spurred by recently signed Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff who wanted to face Monday Night Raw.

Their first Monday Impact! collapsed on January 4, 2010 and saw the return of Jeff Hardy, who had recently left WWE. Although the show was well received and achieved solid ratings, the move to Monday ended up being one of the worst decisions in TNA history.

7/10 The “broken” scenario

Matt Hardy broken at Delete or Decay

Jeff and Matt Hardy are best known for their stints in WWE. However, their most memorable story of the past decade actually came out of their time in TNA. In 2016, “Broken Matt” debuted, showing himself as a broken man with a weird speech and a wild hairstyle.

Soon, Matt brought “Brother Nero” into the fold after defeating him on “The Final Deletion,” a special episode of Impact! Overall, the storyline was a little weird but won over fans massively.

6/10 Jeff teams up with Jerry Lawler

Jerry King Lawler

After Jeff Hardy left WWE in 2003, he spent most of his time in TNA and Ring of Honor. Although he had several big moments in these promotions, he also took several independent bookings. One of those bookings was a weird single tag team match in CCW back in 2005.

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Hardy teamed with Jerry Lawler and Brad Armstrong, against The Midnight Express and Jim Cornette, picking up the win. While it’s a weird match, it’s far from the only weird match either brother has been in outside of WWE.

5/10 They have won several tag team championships

jeff hardy matt hardy aew dynamite 2022

Although Jeff and Matt Hardy have been very successful on their own, they are most appreciated for their teamwork. Outside of WWE, they continued to work as a team and won a lot of gold together.

During their time as a tag team outside of WWE, The Hardys won numerous titles. They’ve won tag team titles for TNA, Ring of Honor, House of Glory, OMEGA, NWA, and more.

4/10 Jeff Feuded with Jushin Thunder Liger

Jeff Hardy vs. Jushin Thunder Liger Chart

Jeff Hardy has had plenty of weird matches on the indie scene, including the aforementioned tag team match with Jerry Lawler. However, in 2016 he had a dream match with Jushin Thunder Liger that many are probably unaware of.

The pair initially worked as a team, defeating Mike Bennett and TK O’Ryan. Two days later, Hardy and Liger faced off at NEW Wrestling Under The Stars 5, with the Tag Team Specialist picking up the win.

3/10 Rivalry with young males


Jeff and Matt Hardy have had several high profile tag team rivals. In WWE, they’ve put on some amazing matches against names like The Dudley Boys, Edge and Christian, and many more. However, outside of WWE, they also had a notable rival.

That rival comes in the form of the Young Bucks. The teams have faced off several times outside of WWE, holding high-profile matches in ROH and AEW, and even faced off as recently as May at double or nothing 2022.

2/10 They had several world titles

Jeff Hardy Immortal

During their time in WWE, Jeff and Matt Hardy were part of many memorable storylines. Although they had great moments as a team, they also had great success in singles. For his part, Jeff is a former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion.

Predictably, Jeff is also a former TNA Champion. However, despite not having much singles success in WWE, Matt is also a former TNA World Champion.

1/10 They are still actively fighting

Jeff HardyMatt Hardy AEW

Despite being in their 40s and no longer on the main event stage, Jeff and Matt Hardy continue to struggle to this day. Earlier this year, the younger brother joined AEW and reformed the tag team.

Along with this, they also continued to struggle in the independent scene. While Jeff is currently absent from AEW due to his battles with addiction, Matt continues to be a staple of Dynamite and Rampage.

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