10 easy and cute half and half braided hairstyles

While open and half-down hairstyles have their own charm, the recent phenomenon that has been making a lot of noise in the fashion world is half-braided hairstyles. Half-up, half-down looks with braids are being hailed as one of the most stylish and feminine hairstyles of the past decade. Well, we don’t disagree! They instantly brighten the entire look and seamlessly enhance any glam quotient. From celebrities to influencers, we see many of them trying out different looks and half-up half-down braid styles for multiple events.

If you’re impressed with these looks like we are and want to learn more about recent trends, keep reading about our special half-up half-down braided hairstyle today.

How to do half up half down braids:

Here we are; let’s go on and find out the alluring and exquisite braided hairstyles, which are famous around us. We are delighted, and you!

1. Half Up Braided Hairstyle:

You may not want to miss this youthful and stylish hairstyle look. The pretty half-up half-down braids come here with the bun, with a double braid on top. They are immensely beautiful and unique, perfect for young women who love cheerful and fun style statements. Girls and women with medium length wavy and curly hair can try these half and half braids. It is perfect for your casual outings, dinners and brunches. Try it if you have black or blonde hair!

2. Half Up Braided Wedding Hair:

It is impossible that we do not have a special wedding hairstyle. The half up half down hairstyle is perfect for your next big day. It is an ideal look to incorporate into a wedding party or event, such as cocktail parties or celebrations. The braided hairstyle is perfect, exuding feminine hues and lovely charming vibes. It is suitable for women with wavy and straight hair and medium or long hair.

3. Half Up Braided Ponytail:

This half up half down braid is perfect for any dark haired woman. The cute look features braids with a ponytail and shoulder-length hair, ideal for women of all ages. It features a multiple braided look near the crown and an elegant and charming look with a half hair at the back. The hairstyle is also quick to give an instant glamorous and edgy style statement. You can try it to instantly elevate your looks and bring warm and gorgeous contemporary vibes. What do you think?

4. Half Up Knotless Braids:

These knotless half up half down cornrow braids are perfect for all women who want to step out of the usual, regular everyday styles and try something new. This unique and mesmerizing look is perfect for women with a bold eye for current fashion sense. The hairstyle is amazingly beautiful, suitable for women with any hair texture and medium to long hair length. Braided hairstyle is one of the main trends in the current fashion scene and you will definitely like it. It is undeniably charming and elegant.

5. Half Up Half Down Beaded Braids:

Let’s also get into the classic and good old world part of fashion with this beaded braids hairstyle. You can try this awesome half up hairstyle braided look with weaving and beads. The sleek look is still vintage and timeless, perfect for women with naturally curly hair. Braids are also low maintenance and will not disappoint. What do you think?

6. Half Up Half Down Braids Hairstyles:

You can also try half-up box braids in the same way. This look is perfect for women with medium or long hair. The hairstyle features the bantu knots mixed with the box braids, giving a unique, elegant and charming glam quotient. It is perfect for those with oval and diamond face shapes with any hair texture. Try it for small parties and gatherings, and you’ll definitely stand out.

7. Messy Half Up Braids:

Why limit yourself to a bun, when you can try this exquisite and popular hairstyle? Women with short or medium length hair can try this elegant multi-braid updo and medium length hair. The perfect look exudes a sophisticated, feminine and charming glam quotient that will make you stand out from the crowd. It is one of a kind, definitely adds to the vibrant and energetic contemporary vibe. Women with straight or wavy hair texture and round and oval face shapes can try experimenting with this at special dinners or parties.

8. Half Up Bubble Braids Hairstyle:

Talk about the graceful style, we can only think of this particular hairstyle. While bubble hairstyles have indeed established themselves in the fashion world, this creative new look with shoulder length hair is a perfect choice for young girls who would love a fresh and fun look. The half up half up bubble braid hairstyle idea is perfect for exquisite youthful and girly vibes. Wear it with long wavy hair and you can look like an angel. Who agrees with us?

9. Half Crown Braid Hairstyle:

Inspired by the Dutch braid style, we also have the perfect half up half down crown braid for women with a simple yet elegant taste. It’s quick and easy to make and is quite versatile in the hand. This look is perfect even for women in professional fields and those who wear formal outfits. It gives off a nice vibe with vintage hues. Women with short or medium length hair can also try these medium length braids.

10. Half Up Half Down French Braid:

You can also check out these two French braid hairstyle ideas with half down. The cute look is timeless, and we all know the craze associated with the phenomenal French braid hairstyle. You can replicate the same for a quick yet charming and mesmerizing style statement. You can wear it for a charming vibe with any of your special outfits for parties, cocktails and dinners. Women with medium to long hair and fine hair texture must try this French Braid Half Up Half Down Hairstyle! Who agrees with us?

Additional tips:

Along with the above half up and half down hairstyle ideas, you can also check out quick tips and hints on how to manage the hairstyle for a healthy look.

  • Most of these half and half braids do not need styling equipment and heating. If you use any of these products, be sure to apply a protective hair spray or balm correctly to avoid damaging the hair.
  • Don’t sleep with the hairstyle. Always remove the hairstyle at the end of the day.
  • Do not work with hairstyles that are too tight with heavy pins and bands.
  • Do not do hairstyles with wet or damp hair. Instead, let the hair dry well and work on any hairstyle.
  • Moreover, before styling, you can also apply a good hair serum to give the hair good shine and a healthy look.

So how much did you enjoy these half mesmerizing and mesmerizing braided hairstyles? We love these braid styles and we can’t live without them. Half up half down braids are always special for their feminine and gorgeous vibe and classic elegant feel. Do you agree? What is your favorite choice from this list above? Let us know your thoughts, we love to hear from you!

Q1. Can half-up half-down braids work for teenage girls?

Answer : Yes definitely. Teenage girls can opt for fun styles that are simple and youthful. For example, messy half-up braids, or French braids with half the hair down, and even a ponytail braid with half the hair down can be perfect.

Q2. What half up half down braided hairstyles are ideal with office outfits?

Answer : Those looking for the half and half braid styles with office outfits can try the simple and elegant look of the single braid or the crown braid with half the hair down. A braided high bun can also look good, with half the hair down. Choose the right look based on your hair length and face shape.

Q3. Can half up half down hairstyles go well with frizzy hair?

Answer : Women with frizzy, dry hair can apply a good hair serum and conditioner before styling. Moreover, they can try the half up bun with half down hairstyle for an instant and lovely look.

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