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May 12, 2015

The LifeStlye Lift Un-Lifted

The afteremath of a facelift marketing business gone wrong has rippled through the aesthetic industry with abandoned facial rejuvenation customers. Some may say, "things always happen for a reason," yet the full scale of those reasons have yet to be completely presented. Read more in my latest Plastic Surgery Truth blog here.


March 3, 2015

LifeStyle Lift is all Wrinkles, Considering Bankruptcy

What Happens When a Company Bases Their Entire Business Plan Around Marketing Alone? Bankruptcy.  Yep, The LifeStyle Lift folks are folding due to their failure to actually lift faces instead of their wallets. It appears the general public really does care about having a Real Board Certified Plastic Surgeon perform their cosmetic facial procedures.  People finally saw through their smoke and mirrors. More on this story here.


January 27, 2015

Happy New Year! Yep, I'm a few weeks late, but I'm still enjoying this medical leave life! Not sure how long other kidney donors stay out of work, but I'm sure it must be more like 6 months instead of six weeks.  The way I see it, kidney donors deserve six weeks of recovery and six months of vacation. Not sure my "boss" (aka, my recipient) sees it that way. 


Who Knew there are Cowboys in Britain?

The Brits appear to be more serious about shutting down cosmetic cowboys than any other country.  The BBC reports plastic surgeons have gained the attention of The Royal College of Surgeons regarding unqualified physicians performing cosmetic procedures in the private practice setting. I have long stated non-plastic surgeons in positions of authority over-hearing these cosmetic cowboy arguments are unwilling to regulate the cosmetic rogues in order to keep that door open for themselves should they decide to cross that line.  My husband has repeatedly told me for over 15 years, "physicians cannot be placed in power over other physicians."  Stay tuned for a potential British invasion of the British Cosmetic Cowboys. Full BBC article here


October 3, 2014

"There had been cases where doctors, calling themselves cosmetic surgeons, were performing plastic surgery."

Yes, The luck of the Irish have found themselves not so lucky when dealing with cosmetic cowboys. In this case, their Irish cowgirl is a Russian beautician injecting smuggled Botox. Naturally this beautician is not governed by their laws to inhibit her from practicing cosmetic procedures without a license. Gee, where have we heard this story before? Unfortunately, Irish Plastic Surgeons admit "someone will have to die" before their government will get serious about regulating their speciality of these imposters. I hate to break it to you my Irish friends, but hundreds have died here in the USA and our government still won't protect the public or the plastic surgery specialty from these cosmetic cowboys. Full article in the Irish Examiner here


Only 50% of Russians are willing to be someone's hero according to an article about face transplants in Russia.

In an article published by Russia Beyond the Headlines, plastic surgeons are struggling with obtaining face donors for face transplants.  With the latest developments in full face transplants, this opens a whole new discussion of organ donation: an area of the body once not referred to as an "organ."  Read about the Russian face-off here.


Abuse an animal, go to jail.

Plastic Surgeons to the resue for a pup in Kentucky found tied up and a four letter profane word chemically burned into it's flesh. Plastic surgery was performed to remove the sign of abuse and the pup has been placed in her new home. It's no secret plastic surgeons have been called upon for their skill to help our canine friends.  My husband once performed a cleft lip repair on a maltese. Read about this happy ending for this Kentucky canine here.


August 25, 2014

Message from Pamela Howard:

Dear Plastic Surgery Truthers:

I've been out-of-pocket for the last few months. After an adverse reaction to a vaccine, my husband became very ill.  As a result, my husband went into kidney failure and we soon discovered I was a near perfect match to donate him my left kidney.  Thanks to medical technology, our kidney "transfer" was successful at UAB Hospital!

Sixty years ago this December, the first successful kidney transplant was performed by Dr. Joseph Murray, a Plastic Surgeon. Since then, Real Plastic Surgeons continue to contribute medical break-throughs that forever improve the healthcare landscape that benefit us all.

My husband wrote a tribute article to me that includes a message to his colleagues. I look forward to returning to my Plastic Truth adventures and continue to deliver the importance of finding a Real Plastic Surgeon.





April 7, 2014

Proof those On-line Doctor Rating Sites are Full of Lies

I have never been a fan of doctor rating sites because my husband too has been a victim after refusing to operate on a patient who he believe had body dysmorphic disorder.  These rating sites like the drama and financially gain at the expense of the doctor's career. Not to mention false postings by a competitor posing as a disgruntled patient are never investigated. Full Details Here

Spas are Not Medical Offices or Accredited Surgery Facilities

Two women have been arrested for injecting a "non-FDA approved" substance into a person's buttocks. I would very much like to ask this "patient" what in the world were you thinking?  Full Details Here


March 13, 2014

Banning Cosmetic Surgery for Animals? Animal Abuse Has No Limits

Rio de Janeiro has banned cosmetic surgery for animals including procedures such as "tail docking, removing cat claws, and cropping dogs' ears."  Full Details Here


March 6, 2014

Note to Self: Do Not Have Plastic Surgery in the Dominican Republic

19 Americans are confirmed to have been infected after receiving plastic surgery in the Dominican Republic. 14 of these confirmed patients had to be hospitalized. Question: why go to the Dominican Republic for plastic surgery when the best surgeons are here in the USA? Those beautiful beaches are all smoke and mirrors.  Full Details Here


March 4, 2014

Real Plastic Surgeons in the Philippines Standing Their Ground

The Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS) have launched a campaign to educate the public about rogue cosmetic surgeons stating "cosmetic surgery is not a specialty."  Full Details Here


February 27. 2014

Teenagers in Taiwan More Vain than American teenagers?

Taiwan has banned "medically unnecessary" plastic surgery for those under the age of 18 in order to protect children reportedly as young as 9 years old. And we thought we had some bad parenting in the USA? Full Details Here


February 14, 2014

Nice Website but Not Real Doctors

Yet another story of phony doctors performing plastic surgery in Florida.  In this case, the people performing the procedures aren't licensed doctors, much less board certified plastic surgeons.  But that website they have sure looks nice! Full Details Here


February 13, 2014

Plastic Surgery for Whistleblowers in the Phillipines

Cash rewards aren't enough to entice witnesses to come forward and report crime. Lawmakers have even included a fiancial provision for gender reassignment. Their bill includes "harsh penalties for those making false claims." I see where this could go wrong on many levels. Full Details Here


December 16, 2013

China Has Something to Say About Phony Plastic Surgeons in Korea

It is more common across the pond for potential patients to travel to another country to undergo cosmetic surgery.  This trend is proving to be very dangerous on every level beginning with the high number of phony plastic surgeons and the complicated task of verifying credentials. Full Details Here


December 11, 2013

"Hawker Plastic Surgeons" Attack Vietnam

Sounds like a long-lost Hitchock film, but it appears I may have found a new term to describe these phony plastic surgeons: Hawkers. Again, another country proving this is a world-wide epidemic. Full Details Here


November 28, 2013

Luck of the Irish not so Lucky with Un-Trained Plastic Surgeons

Appears the recession has produced rogue surgeons all over the world. The Irish and the Brits are much closer to turning this trend off.  Full Details Here


September 29, 2013

The Plastic Truth Launches Real Plastic Surgeon Social Media CampaignReal Plastic Surgeon Social Media Campaign

I have created an image in hopes of it going viral among Real Plastic Surgeons.  The educational campaign image is for use by American Board of Plastic Surgery surgeons. Simply stating you are "board certified" isn't enough to distinguish the real from the rogues. Click the photo for full size image.


September 28, 2013

Cosmetic Cowboys try to sue Real Plastic Surgeons in Utah - Guess Who Wins?

Some real board certified plastic surgeons in Utah were sued earlier this year only to have the case tossed by a federal judge. Real Plastic Surgeons in Utah launched an educational campaign about the difference between cosmetic "surgeons" and real plastic surgeons only to be sued by those cosmetic cowboys citing antitrust laws.  Well, you can't be sued for telling the truth.  Full details here


September 20, 2013

A Plastic Surgeon's Imagination Sparks Innnovation

Millard Principle Number 26: Imagination Sparks Innovation, and many other of Dr. Millard's Principles, can be attributed to recent advances to breast reconstruction for mastectomy patients as recently reported in The Houston ChronicleThe Chronicle reports a Houston area plastic surgeon is having positive results restoring sensation in areas of the breast following reconstructive surgery.  Full story here


September 1, 2013

Phony Fillers in a Friend's Kitchen by a Phony Plastic Surgeon

The UK isn't any more immune to the phony physician than the US.  The Daily Mail is reporting a tragic case of a phony plastic surgeon injecting a substance he referred to as "botox" in a private home, the kitchen more specifically.  What this criminal cooked up was a cocktail of lies injected into a woman's face causing her to be hospitalized with a life threatening condition.  Full story here


Koreans Need Surgery to Smile?

Uh, yeh, this one caught my eye too.  Being happy thus producing a natural pleasant expression on your face appears to be more complicated for South Koreans.  If this story stated it were North Koreans I believe we would all understand.  However,  South Koreans are seeking a surgical procedure to adjust the muscles around their mouth so they will forever appear to have "the universal expression of welcome" as stated by The Australian.  Sounds creepy to me, but you can read more on this story here.


The Indians Haven't Met Me

Researchers in India conducted a study claiming plastic surgery doesn't make a person more attractive but rather "slightly" younger looking. Their study apparently disregards the South Koreans smile surgery theory.  Full story here


Boobs are the Bomb

Silicone Breast Implants by SientraYes, we knew that and the TSA has been inspecting them for years. Only now do they have justification granted them courtesy the Department of Homeland Security.  Mirror news reports, “They are taking longer to screen people and there is definitely some sort of profiling going on." This blue-eyed blonde has been profiled for over a decade every time at Charles De Gaulle.  If you ask me, this is merely an excuse for those perverted TSA goons to not use their X-ray scans.  More on this story here


Britains Launch Campaign to Stop "Cosmetic Cowboys"

These rogue cosmetic "surgeons" are not just an epidemic in the USA, but all over the world.  The demand for cosmetic procedures by the public and the growing problem of poor reimbursement to physicians for medically necessary procedures is on the rise. I have dubbed these phony physicians as "rogues" and the Brits have a more colorful description: Cosmetic Cowboys.   Either way,  these rogues and cowboys have latched on to the same title of "Cosmetic Surgeons" to deceive the public.  I particularly like how the Brits point out "The law in this country says that only a vet can operate on an animal. But the same protection isn’t given to humans." Read the Full Story Here































































































































































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